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De Telegraaf - De krant van wakker Nederland
De Telegraaf - De krant van wakker Nederland is één van de grootste nieuwssites van Nederland. Op worden onderwerpen die op dit moment in Nederland leven behandeld. Het is het interessantste, actueelste en grootste nieuwsportaal van Nederland.

De voorpagina van biedt Nederland in een oogopslag het laatste nieuws en achtergronden over onder meer politiek, sport, entertainment en de financiële wereld. In tekst, in beeld, met eigen tv-journaals en waar mogelijk met een live verslag.

Waarom adverteren op
  • Landelijk bereik mogelijk
  • Breed publiek
  • Thematische keuze

De hoofdpagina is duur. Nieuwspagina's zijn voordeliger.

Met dagelijks ruim twee miljoen bezoekers is de voorpagina van een ideale plek om landelijke campagnes te starten en/of te verlengen.

De nieuwspagina's van bieden ruimte om uw (lokale) merk onder de aandacht te brengen. Bezoekers op zien uw advertentiebanners en reclameuitingen in en naast de artikelen staan.

De doelgroep is divers. Op komen zowel jongeren als ouderen. Hierdoor wordt uw banner door een breed publiek gezien.

Specifieke thema's

UpStreamAds biedt de mogelijkheid om alleen op specifieke themapagina's te adverteren. Als uw banner beter past binnen het segment Entertainment of juist in het segment Sport dan kunnen we daar op focussen.

Target audience for

  • Algemene doorsnede

    Mensen op zoek naar nieuws met een luchtig karakter
  • Modale Nederlander

    Jongeren, mannen en vrouwen tussen 15 en 85 jaar

Specifications for advertising on

Days to show banners

Banners are served on the following days on


Specifieke formaten en opmerkingen dictates a number of criteria for sizes and banners:

Banner kind Width (px) Height (px) Max. Size Remarks
Leaderboard 728 90 150kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party tag
XL Leaderboard 970 90 150kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party tag
Medium Rectangle 300 250 150kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party tag
Halfpage 300 600 150kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party tag
Billboard 970 250 150kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party tag
Skyscraper 120 600 150kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party tag
Wide Skyscraper 160 600 150kb GIF, JPG, PNG, HTML5, 3rd party tag

Additional information for advertising on

De Telegraaf is onderdeel van TMG / Telegraaf Media Groep. TMG hanteert Algemene Advertentievoorwaarden TMG welke tot op zekere hoogte van toepassing zijn op campagnes op websites van TMG.

What are the options?

UpStreamAds customizes your campaign on, but also on other websites and apps. Our sefvices are very affordable and complete.

Your banners are displayed on websites, in mobile apps and desktop apps. If desired, we display your banners exclusively on a specific platform or website.

We do not display banners and advertisements within search engines like Google and Bing, nor via Facebook. These platforms have their own closed system that we do not have access to.

Submitted banners are displayed on pre-approved websites through a number of exchanges after approval. These exchanges have strict policies regarding sensitive content, such as gambling and offensive content. We do not advertise on such websites. Obviously we cannot accept campaigns for these kind of websites.

With UpstreamAds you do not only reach out to your existing customers, but also to potential new customers. And that on every platform: PC, Mac, tablet and mobile.

  • National and local reach

    Choose a city, region or country. You can display your banner as narrow or wide as you want.
  • Minimum and maximum price

    Your banners are sold through exchanges. Our system searches for the cheapest and best scoring placements for your banners. You set a price bandwidth and never pay more than your maximum.
  • Fixed bugets and no surprises

    If, for whatever reason, we cannot meet the desired number of impressions, your credit will remain valid for other days or campaigns. You only pay for what you want to advertise. We do not charge for any overspend.
  • Prospecting and retargeting

    The first campaign is usually a prospecting campaign: the system looks for the best performing target group. This campaign can be used to set up a retargeting campaign to bring back visitors who have already visited your site.

We are your cheapest option!

Please feel free to contact us for all options. We can make you the best offer. Found a cheaper alternative? Then your advertising campaign with us will be free of charge!

Advertising on does not have to be expensive!
  • No unpleasant suprises

    We charge a one time setup fee of 10,- per campaign for the approval of your banners. No additional costs or fees for communication, hosting and advice.

  • Focus to your campaign

    We are only satisfied when you are satisfied. We monitor the progress of your campaign and advise on adjustments and budget during the term.

  • Optimalising results

    Our systems provide the highest yield at the lowest expense. This way we get the best results for you.

  • Bulk and premium

    You can split your budget between bulk and premium impression. With bulk campaigns, advertising starts from 15 cents per 1000 views. With bulk you reach a lot of new audiences without specific targeting - this is comparable to handing out flyers or advertising in a bus shelter or on radio and tv.

    We offer premium campaigns from 1 per 1000 views. With premium you select the target group yourself and you can select specific groups (at an additional cost), such as age, income level, zip code area, family composition, etc. In addition, you can indicate on which websites you want to advertise.

    This way you get the best results from your campaign.

  • Prospecting and retargeting

    With prospecting you sow banners on various websites. Sowing this produces visitors to your website. If you want to improve conversion of these visitors, you can place a retargeting pixel on your website and start a retargeting campaign. We arrange these campaigns for you.

    You can retarget for your entire website, but also on the basis of products. Do you have a website where you sell books? Then we can process that book in your banner and let the visitor come back to your website via your banner for the purchase of this book.

    You can use a Facebook pixel on your website to support your campaign. Visitors can then be reached via a Facebook ad. This way you kill two birds with one stone.

  • Reports and progress

    We offer a free login for direct access to monitor your campaign - if desired. We also offer an optional PDF document with results every week, in which the results of your campaign are displayed per country, city, region and city and also which banner worked best.

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100% satisfaction Lowest prices Wide reach No surprises